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'Parfumerie' produced by the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Photo by Jim Cox.

by Miklos Laszlo, adaptation E.P. Dowdall


I'm sure you remember the movie "The Shop Around the Corner" and the musical "She Loves Me". Both of these properties were based on the original Hungarian play "Parfumerie" by Miklos Laszlo.  Though the play has been staged throughout the world for many years, there was never an English language version mounted in the U.S. That is, not until the Christmas 2009/2010 season at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota Florida where the new English language adaptation premiered. With the express intent of staying close to the original play, this adaptation/translation returns to the original concepts that center around not only the amusing tale of the confused young romantic couple, but also seeks to explore the difficulties of career vs. relationship in the story of the shop owner's troubled marriage. Good material for talented actors to sink their teeth into!  In the end, there is a happy outcome for all as this romantic Christmas-themed period play carries us sweetly into the holidays.


(E. P. Dowdall  for “Parfumerie”)

Featured Reviews

“Romance and retail—who could ask for anything more from the holiday season?”

Sarasota Magazine


“... a festive entertainment... Parfumerie" is entertaining and a great choice for adults looking for a romantic comedy with a holiday theme and a time-tested happy ending.”

The LA Times

"a sturdy piece of dramatic invention, sentimental yet surprisingly socially aware of workplace dynamics and the class system."

The Hollywood Reporter


“I had a grand time. Definitely go to see Parfumerie...”

Splash Magazines



March 2023

So, three productions in 2022 and four already planned for 2023, here in the U.S. and one in the UK!

December 2021

Looking forward to a healthy and productive 2022!

March 2021

Well sure, 2020 was a tough year for the theatre everywhere, but still some hearty souls persevered and a small number of productions were mounted with the appropriate social distancing.  Here's to hoping that we will see a true renaissance of live productions in 2021 as vaccines are administered to increasing numbers of people.  Stay safe, stay well, play on!

December 2019

Been a great year!  10 new productions including 4 more already scheduled for 2020!!

October 2018

8 more groups (66 performances) before the end of the year. 14 groups in total mounted productions this year, our highest production number yet, including a group (The ZCC) in Zurich, Switzerland!

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